Nissin Bread Cereal

Introducing new bread like cereal which was never done before. 

Bread Cereal is a cereal shaped like sliced ​​French bread. It has a unique taste with a crisp texture that resembles French toast. The ingredients are "large-cut sliced ​​strawberries" and "mango". If you combine it with 200g of milk per serving, it will server as one-third of the nine vitamins, iron and calcium you need each day.

Nutritional ingredient  (35g per one serving)

energy147 kcal(284 kcal)
protein2.4g(9.2 g)
carbohydrate27.3g(37.2 g)
Sugar25.4 g(35.3 g)
Dietary fiber1.9 g(1.9 g)
Salt equivalent0.38g(0.59g)
calcium40 mg(267 mg)
iron2.6 mg(2.6 mg)
Niacin4.6 mg(4.8 mg)
Pantothenic acid0.72 mg(1.86 mg)
Vitamin B10.36 mg(0.44 mg)
Vitamin B20.21 mg(0.52 mg)
Vitamin B60.43 mg(0.49 mg)
Vitamin B120.40 μg(1.02 μg)
Vitamin C40 mg(42 mg)
Vitamin D3.7 μg(4.3 μg)
Folic acid97 μg(107 μg)

Values ​​in parentheses are calculated values ​​when 200 ml of milk is added (may differ slightly from the description on the package)

Allergen Information

The raw materials of this product is shown in the table below  

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Nissin Bread Cereal

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