Japanese Cereal - Soy Flakes

Introducing new soy cereal. The traditional corn flakes are now made of soybean! Perfect for a healthy diet.

Each flake contains soy-derived protein and isoflavones, dietary fiber, calcium, iron, and other eight vitamins.

Contents: 200g

Made in Japan

Raw material name

Non-fat soybean flour (not genetically modified), sugar, wheat flour, powdered fats and oils, flour, lactose, salt / processed starch, emulsifier, casein Na, vitamin C, calcium carbonate, antioxidant (vitamin E), iron pyrophosphate, niacin , Calcium pantothenate, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12

Nutrition facts label [per serving (40g)]

Dietary fiber3.6g(3.6g)
Salt equivalent0.17g(0.38g)
Pantothenic acid0.92mg(2.06mg)
Vitamin B10.46mg(0.54mg)
Vitamin B60.56mg(0.62mg)
Vitamin B120.48 μg(1.10 μg)
Vitamin C40mg(42mg)
Vitamin D4.2 μg(4.8 μg)
Folic acid128 μg(138 μg)
Isoflavones (converted to aglycone)23.6mg(23.6mg)

The values ​​in parentheses are the calculated values ​​when 200 ml of milk is added (may differ slightly from the package notation).

Allergen information

The raw materials for this product are shown in the table below. Contains allergens painted with . 

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Japanese Cereal - Soy Flakes

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