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Japanese Nissin Cup Noodles - U.F.O Ankake Yakisoba

Ankake yakisoba or stir fried noodles with starch that has been very popular in many parts of Japan,..

$ 4.75 Ex Tax: $ 4.75

Nissin Bread Cereal

Introducing new bread like cereal which was never done before. Bread Cereal is a cereal shaped ..

$ 8.99 Ex Tax: $ 8.99

Nissin Cup Noodles - Sea Urchin Discontinued

Nissin Cup Noodles - Sea Urchin

Nissin Cup Noodles Sea Urchin is new and limited edition by Nissin foods. Enjoy the rich, creamy sea..

$ 3.99 Ex Tax: $ 3.99

Nissin Cup Noodles - Smokey & Spicy SIO

An exciting Western-style soup with a taste of chicken, herbs and black pepper. Enjoy rich ..

$ 3.75 Ex Tax: $ 3.75

Nissin Titanium Mug

A limited edition Nissin Mug cup noodle cooker, 2017 model. Not only it is made of Titanium but this..

$ 99.85 Ex Tax: $ 99.85