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Acecook JanJan Souce Yakisoba

YakisobaAcecook JanJan Souce Yakisoba is one yakisoba you will not forget! Packed with 10 types of v..

$ 2.99 Ex Tax: $ 2.99

Japanese Stirred Fried Noodles

Japanese Stirred Fried Noodles in Worcester Sauce FlavorNutrition Facts (114g) Energy 488kcal Protei..

$ 2.50 Ex Tax: $ 2.50

Nissin U.F.O Instant Noodles

Enjoy Nissin UFO Yakisoba Noodles with the taste of sweet taste of pork, cut cabbage, pickled ginger..

$ 2.55 Ex Tax: $ 2.55

Nissin Yakisoba

Nissin Fried NoodlesNutrition [per (100g)]Energy490kcalProtein9.7gLipid22.8gCarbohydrate61.6gSodium1..

$ 2.19 Ex Tax: $ 2.19

Nissin Yakisoba 5 pack

Nutrition [per (100g)]Energy490kcalProtein9.7gLipid22.8gCarbohydrate61.6gSodium1.5gVitamin B10.34mgV..

$ 8.25 Ex Tax: $ 8.25