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1/3 days of Vegetables - Japanese Style

A Japanese-style soup combined with strong bonito taste and smell. Tasty and healthy ingredients suc..

$ 2.70 Ex Tax: $ 2.70

1/3 days of Vegetables - Spicy Chige soup

Acecook 1/3 days of Vegetables Spicy Chige soupTasty and healthy instant cup noodles that include;..

$ 2.70 Ex Tax: $ 2.70

Fried Vermicelli Soup

Acecook Wonton Kakitama Vermicelli SoupNutrition (per 20g) Energy71kcalProtein1.5gLipid0.5gCarbohydr..

$ 2.60 Ex Tax: $ 2.60

Nissin Curry Soup Noodle

Standard Nutrition [71g]Energy344kcal powder: 282kcal soup: 62kcalProtein7gLipid16.5gCarbohydrate41...

$ 2.50 Ex Tax: $ 2.50

Nissin Seafood Soup Noodle

Standard Nutrition [61g]Energy265kcal powder: 233kcal soup: 32kcalProtein7.4gLipid9.2gCarbohydrate38..

$ 2.50 Ex Tax: $ 2.50

Nissin Soup Noodle

Nissin Soup NoodleStandard Nutrition [59g]Energy266kcal powder: 256kcal soup: 10kcalProtein7.6gLipid..

$ 2.50 Ex Tax: $ 2.50

Wonton soup vermicelli

Acecook Wonton soup vermicelli is a Chinese soup with spicy vegetables and chicken with green onions..

$ 2.60 Ex Tax: $ 2.60

Wonton Tanmen Noodle Soup

Delicious Tanmen noodle soup in adorable piglet shape. Bonito stock soup with cabbage, corn, green o..

$ 2.70 Ex Tax: $ 2.70