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Giga Pudding 3.0 Sold Out

Giga Pudding 3.0

Giga Pudding Version 3.0 is make-your-own (DIY) candy kit manufactured by the Japanese toy company T..

$ 59.99 Ex Tax: $ 59.99

Japanese King Pudding -17%

Japanese King Pudding

King Pudding is make-your-own candy kit. Perfect for parties and it's easy to make.Contents: puddin..

$ 34.50 $ 28.65 Ex Tax: $ 28.65

Japanese Kit Kat - Pumpkin Pudding Sold Out

Japanese Kit Kat - Pumpkin Pudding

Pumpkin Pudding Kit-Kat - a refreshing and sweet flavor mixed with creamy white chocolate, on a cris..

$ 9.99 Ex Tax: $ 9.99

Japanese Kit Kat Pudding Sold Out

Japanese Kit Kat Pudding

Japanense Kit Kat Pudding FlavorLimited and available only during the season. ..

$ 9.99 Ex Tax: $ 9.99